Radio show/audio hosting by

             Gwen Carden


Click here to listen to some of Gwen's radio shows.


Gwen Carden has been a storyteller throughout her professional career - and has provided a forum through her numerous written articles for people with important things to say to help educate others.


She has hosted two well-received radio shows, "Mind Matters" and "Break the Chains."



Mind Matters was designed to help people understand behavior and psychological issues from the perspective of brain dysfunction.



Her most recent show, Break the Chains, is dedicated to helping people with drug and alcohol problems - and their families - understand the disease of addiction - and to find hope.



Gwen is available to design and host radio shows for companies wishing to reach large numbers of people while at the same time generating original content for their web pages.


She is also available to record audio interviews with employees for educational purposes or with past clients for testimonials.


Click here to listen to some of Gwen's radio shows.