Proofreading/Copy Editing

Carden Creative Corp. offers both proofreading and copy editing services for authors and businesses to help ensure that what they have created appears as professional as possible.


Our services include, but are not limited to, reports, book manuscripts, web page copy and proposals.



** Qualitative and quantitative market research proposals, reports, questionnaires

** Medical topics for general audiences.
Principal Gwen Carden is author of over 3,000 magazine and newspaper articles and brings finely- honed skills in both areas to every project. She has worked with numerous market research firms, physicians and retail businesses and is well-versed in those arenas. She has proofread and copy edited many non-fiction book manuscripts and business documents.
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How Our Service Works

Our preferred editing software is found within Microsoft Word. Word’s edit function makes it extremely simple for the author to see what changes have been suggested and to either “accept” or “reject” the changes. It also permits comments to be made in the margins for the author to consider.


If you use Microsoft Word but are not familiar with the edit function, we can teach it to you in about five minutes.

If you do not have Microsoft Word, we will discuss other options with you that may affect the cost.



Carden Creative’s hourly proofreading rates range from $35 for non-technical topics to $45 for complex or technical subjects.


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Copy editing

Our hourly copy editing rates range from $50 for non-technical topics to $65 for technical subjects.


In the case of changes and additions that must be made by the author and re-submitted for additional copy editing, the same hourly rates apply.


Click here to read what a copy editor does and does not do.


You will always know upfront what your initial price will be (additional edits are unknown until further along in the process).

How we determine your initial fee.

We don't like surprises when it comes to fees, and we respect the fact that you don't, either. We determine your cost by working on your document for one hour at no charge. How much we accomplish in that hour gives us a good idea as to how much time it will take to complete the document. We find this to be a better system than a per-word or per-page charge, as different documents will take different amounts of time, depending on how much needs to be done to them and how complex the subject matter is.

What’s the difference between proofreading and copy editing?


Proofreading is the last task to be done before a document is printed or considered “done.” Its purpose is to make sure that all spelling, punctuation and formatting are correct and consistent. It’s not the proofreader’s job to make suggestions regarding content.


Copy editing requires a different skill set, specifically paying attention not only to elements such as punctuation and spelling but also making sure that the writer's thoughts are well-organized, clear, concise, complete, consistent in style and format, and grammatically correct. It’s not the copy editor’s job to change or rearrange the content (but to suggest such, of course) or to fact check the material. It is up to the author to make sure that what he or she has written is logical and accurate. 


While copy editing can go a long way toward ensuring that a document is well-shaped, it’s always a good idea to also have the document proofread as a final step! 


Don’t overlook the important steps of proofreading and copy editing. As the author, you are too close to the material. For professional results, we strongly recommend you not do it yourself.


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