We want to put your company on the map.


By telling your message in a compelling way through stories, press releases, optimized web copy and e-mails. Gwen Carden and the Carden  Creative staff specialize in helping you craft your desired image and achieve the results you seek. Have you ever wondered why some people are quoted so often in the media as experts while you seldom or never are?

It’s No Accident!

Becoming Newsworthy
Those competitors know how to make themselves newsworthy… how to get the media’s attention and deal effectively with reporters and editors in both the print and electronic areas.

Being seen
They make it a priority to be seen in all the right places, including being quoted often by the press as experts in the field. You’re already an expert in your field, but do only you and a few customers and clients know that?

Increasing Visibility
It’s surprisingly simple to increase your visibility by skillfully using the media to your advantage. Professionally crafted, well-timed press releases that inform or entertain the audience of the media outlets and websites you target play a crucial role in raising your public profile and establishing you as the go-to person when a reporter is preparing a story in your area of expertise.

Let Carden Creative help you raise your profile locally, regionally, nationally, internationally or among your peers.

Your Image
Carden Creative helps you craft your company’s image so reporters know you’re “the” source when they want information on a topic relating to your business or service. Furthermore, Carden Creative knows how to pinpoint what it is about your business or service that will entice the media to want to know more.

The Series Secret
One secret is a series of regular press releases designed to inform the media’s audiences while at the same time giving you invaluable exposure.
Let Carden Creative show you how your business can get the ultimate in media exposure at a price far lower than the ads you are probably already buying.

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